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Lights! Camera! Action!

The MAVFC Reception Hall is equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system that sets the atmosphere for lots of camera action!

Set the mood for that important event with light! An appropriate color scheme that accents the bridal party’s colors, your grandmother’s favorite color for her 80th birthday party, school colors for a graduation party, or Ravens purple for a Super Bowl party (OK, maybe we're being too optimistic here!). Whatever the occasion, you can create that special mood with light.

In addition to dimmable LED light panels, the hall system has two color and action changeable systems. LED strip lights surrounding each of three ceiling bays allowing you to change the overall color in the hall, or each area separately. Fifteen wall-wash lights accent the walls with color and motion and operate independently of the ceiling lights.

So as your guest gather for that special occasion, they are bathed in color. Once the formal part of the evening is over, on comes the music and your guess dance the night away in a sea of flashing, fading, blinking color! The perfect end to a memorable event.

Imagine the possibilities...

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