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7 Hidden Venue Costs You Need To Know About

When planning an event it’s important to set a budget. Be cautious when selecting a venue, people often don't realize that there can be hidden fees that can be costly to your budget.

Here are 7 things to inquire about before signing a contract with a venue:

Choice of vendors: Are you able to choose the caterer, florist, event planner etc for your event or is there a list that you are required to choose from? Often, a list or in-house service leaves you little room for negotiation or opportunity to shop for the best pricing.

At the MAVFC Reception Hall you are welcomed to choose any service vendor you want!

Alcohol/Bar: Do you have to buy alcohol from the venue? If so, you could be paying a steep markup. Some venues have minimums that must be met (like wineries or hotels), corking fees or security officer requirements if alcohol is served.

You provide your own alcohol at the MAVFC Reception Hall, which allows you to determine your own budget. Also, you do not need a liquor license.

Amenities: Some venues offer add-on amenities. Be sure to know what is exactly included in your rental fee and what you will be paying extra for. The rental fee for the MAVFC Reception Hall includes all of these great amenities: Use of the buildings tables, chairs, ice machine, refrigerator, freezer, trash cans, stage, 80” Smart TV with internet & cable access, HDMI connection for laptops, a wireless and wired mic.

Length of the rental: It’s not uncommon for venues to offer 4 to 6-hour rentals and charge each additional hour at a premium. If that’s the case, your vendors may charge additional labor in order to set up and breakdown in a timely manner.

We offer 4 hour weekday rentals (perfect for business meetings) or full day rentals. If you choose a weekday or weekend full day rental, the building is reserved for your event from 8 am - 2 am. Yes, an 18 hour rental! Pricing Variation: Is the venue charging per person? Anyone who has organized a large event will tell you that your guest count will fluctuate throughout your planning journey. Nothing is more frustrating than paying $75 per person and then having a few no shows! Also, are there seasonal rates? Choosing a certain time of year might cost you more. Are there Holiday rates? Hosting an event on a long weekend could also increase the price.

At the MAVFC Reception Hall we charge one flat rate, 365 days a year! Paperwork: Do you have to submit permits or insurance? Some venues require alcohol permits for the bar, health permits for a caterer / bakery to provide food, or special event general liability insurance and permits.

When hosting an event at the MAVFC Reception Hall all permits and insurance are included in your rental fee.

*Excluding event insurance, this is an optional insurance, not required to rent the reception hall Damage or Maintenance Deposit: How much is it and when is it due? It’s standard practice at venues to hold a deposit for the case of excess damages; it’s rare, but it happens.

The security deposit for the MAVFC Reception Hall is $300. You will only lose your deposit if there is damage to the building or you cancel the reservation within 30 days of your event. You can expect your security deposit back within 30 days after your event.

What makes Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Company Reception Hall different:

  • Our rental fee is clear. The rental cost is the same, 365 days a year.

  • We offer full-day rentals for 18 hours, so you can enjoy your special event, stress-free.

  • We never have pricing based upon guest count.

  • All taxes are included in the rental fee.

  • We do not require permits, insurance, or approval for your vendors, all are welcomed.

  • You can bring in your own alcohol and food.

We would be honored to host your next special event! We welcome you to contact us with any questions or to schedule a tour.

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