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11 things to add to your last minute event checklist

You’ve been anticipating and planning your special event for months, unfortunately, some things just can’t be done or finalized until the week of the event. It can be stressful trying to be sure you have it ALL together.

Here are 11 things to add to your last minute event checklist:

1) Check in with your vendors

Confirm arrangements with every vendor you have hired. Be sure to exchange cell phone numbers.

2) Prepare final payments

Be sure all your vendors are paid, then you don't have to try to remember what is owed to whom during your event.

3) Create tip envelopes

If you plan on tipping a vendor, prepare sealed envelopes with their names and money.

4) Bring extra cash just in case

You might want to give a gratuity to someone who you feel has gone above and beyond to make your event special.

5) Confirm your playlist

Songs are often covered or remade by different bands, so double-check with your DJ or band that they have the versions you want.

6) Communicate with your photographer

Be sure they know the pictures you want taken. Give them a list of people you'd like to have photographed together.

7) Create a day-of itinerary

What time do the balloons need to be picked up? When will the food be ready? What time will your guests be arriving? How long do you have to set up? Create a schedule to stay organized.

8) Review printed materials

Check place cards, table numbers, menus and programs for errors several days before your event.

9) Have your limo driver's cell phone number

Be sure to bring the limo driver’s cell phone number in case you change your exit time or leave something in the car. At midnight, it won't help to have only the office number.

10) Check the forecast

Be sure you, your guests and event are prepared for whatever weather mother nature plans to bring.

11) Make sure all vendors know when the event is over

Double-check how long you have access to your event venue, this will help with planning and preventing unexpected vendor overtime fees.

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