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8 things you need to do to start your wedding planning

Have your recently gotten engaged? First off, CONGRATULATIONS! Once the initial excitement of being engaged wears off, it’s time to start making some decisions about your special day Here are the 8 most important things you need to do to start your wedding planning:

1) Book a Venue (and Set Your Date)

The first question you’ll be asked once you announce your engagement is, “So when are you getting married?” However, in most cases you won’t be able to set an exact date until you choose & book your venue. The first thing you need to do is discuss a timeframe with your fiance on when you would like to get married. Do you want to get married during a certain season? On a specific date? At a certain venue? These factors will need to be considered when booking your wedding date.

2) Envision your dream wedding

Close your eyes and fantasize about your dream wedding. While you are dreaming about your perfect wedding consider these questions:

  • Do you want to have a big or small wedding?

  • Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor wedding?

  • Is your style modern, traditional, romantic, vintage, rustic or all out glamourous?

  • Do you want a formal or casual wedding?

  • What type of wedding dress do you want?

  • What type of food do you want on your wedding day?

Maybe you don’t have the answers to all these questions yet, and that’s okay! There are bridal magazines, books and of course Pinterest to gather inspiration. 3) Create a budget

If any family members will be financially assisting your wedding, sit down and discuss how much they are able to contribute. The amount will affect every decision and purchase you make throughout the wedding planning process. We understand it can be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it's necessary so you have a realistic understanding about what you can spend.

4) Brainstorm a guest list

As you begin to compile your guest list, you will need to consider a number of factors:

  • What is the capacity of your wedding venue and/or reception hall?

  • Do you and your fiance want to have an epic reunion like party or share a more intimate ceremony and reception?

  • Are your parents set on inviting all of their friends and family?

Keep in mind that more guests means higher prices.

5) Choose your wedding party

Now it's your turn to propose to your bridesmaids and groomsmen! Be mindful of the fact that your wedding party is going to have to spend time and money to help celebrate your big day. Share with them your plans and desires (everything from the cost of attire, bachelor / bachelorette parties etc) so they can plan accordingly.

6) Consider hiring a planner

Life can be so busy, sometimes hiring a professional can help ease the stress and anxiety. A wedding planner can help you prepare for the wedding day, engagement party and even the honeymoon! Another option is a day-of coordinator, who will make sure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

7) Book your ‘Must Have’ vendors ASAP

If you just can't imagine getting married without your pastor performing the ceremony or using the reputable local florist, act fast. Most top wedding vendors are hired more than a year in advance.

8) Find your dream dress This process may take longer than you expect. Learn about dress styles, designers and accessories. Also, keep in mind that the season you are getting married in will also affect your wedding dress choice. Getting married in the summer? Go with lightweight fabrics such as chiffon or linen. Having a winter wedding? Faux fur and velvet will keep you warm. Satin, silk and tulle are perfect year-round.

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