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No, the president isn’t coming to your event!

You’re enjoying the moment at your event in the Reception Hall, when suddenly one of your guest rushes in to say that a helicopter is landing on the grounds! No, it’s not Marine One with the president aboard, (although Marine One with George W. Bush and Laura Bush aboard did land here in November 2007). The large green and black helicopter landing is one of the medical evacuation (medevac) helicopters operated by the Maryland State Police.

Because of the layout of the grounds and their central location, this area is ideal for landing the medevac helicopter. Standard procedure is to dispatch a fire engine to standby and secure the landing zone. An ambulance will meet the helicopter and transfer the patient for transport to a trauma or specialty care facility.

Depending on ground conditions and if the area is being used for an event, the helicopter will most likely land in the grassy arear between the hall and the ball fields. In any event, the landing will be as far away from parked cars and people as possible to minimize any hazards from debris kicked-up by the aircraft and maintain a safety perimeter.

Your cooperation during such events is appreciated. Your guests are welcome to view the landing and take-off, but only from the safety of the portico and courtyard area. Every effort will be made to limit any disruption to your event, and your understanding is appreciated.

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